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Sunday, December 25, 2011

♥ G.R.E.E.N ♥

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares


tbe2 kluar brtemakn 'green'

friend u r awesome!

xpsl2 asy shopping bagai nk rak

lpe dunia *da la xstdy*

next week FINAL!!!

now back to normal

p/s : right click & refresh now!!

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