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Friday, June 17, 2011

1st Anniversary

hee, dont get offended by this entry
hri ni asy having fun with nurul + shita
nurul get invitation to attend
' 1st anniversary of IIUM.fm'

tgh2 sdap dok lyn movie kt laptop
hp bunyi

shita : amal wtpe? kalo free mehla dtg hs square..
amal : ade pe?
shita : iium.fm .. dtg la byk makanan..

dgn sepantas kilat asy siap2
so sarung je pape yg patot
hee, dgr makanan laju je kn..?

mmg happening laa..
ade video show, performances..
& cutting cake ceremony ( i like )

hee.. ni la pic yg sempat kteowg snap
let enjoy..

p/s : lain kali ade event cmni pgl la asy
comfirm cpt je smp..
haha.. =D

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