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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

corporate finance


hee, byk x love hr ni..
mkne ny
asy h.a.p.p.y sgt hr ni
thanks Allah
for evrythings i got
even i not totally deserve it!

credit to Masnurain 4 this pic
ni carry mark sbjk CF
wah !
mmg xsgke cempedak jd nangka
haha, brkias plak asy ni..

btw, tQ 4 my funny lecturer ( sir Adewale)
tQ 4 my group mate
Asaad, Khaled, Mohammad (all foreigner) & Azura
hepy work with u this sem
not to forget tQ s0o much 4 all my cls mate
you are awesome!!

my mark??
try search in the above pic
i get gorgeous number..


Cik PupuRara said...


matric number amal: 0822226
hik. hik.
congratz dear! ♥

amal syahirah yaakop said...

to pura cyg intan payung :

perlu ke mention my mtric no??
btw, tQ..