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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i wish i hv more time..

♥ hye sume.. ♥
mcm biskut chipsmore kn
kejap ade entry kejap xde
sbnr ny nk tkr layout blog
huhu tp..tp..tp..

x de m.a.s.a
byk k.e.j.e lain nk kna siapkn
m.o.o.d xbpe stabil


toink.. toink..
no update la for this blog..

pray tht i hv more time
i'll be more creative to cheer u guys
i'll be more eager to update
more eager to make some effort for this blog (hopefully)
and drive u guys to alwys visit my blog

and not to forget
tQ very2 much for step into my blog
even not as nice as i want it to be (yet to be)

and if u guys hv any comment or suggestion
how i can make my blog lightening (maybe)
how i suppose to do for a blogger
how i can be eager to blogging
just left in comment box


i'll take note of it
and i'll try my best to improve
w0ww !!!!
this seem not like me
btw tQ again for ur support


Cik Farah said...

ouh...ni lah yg wish nak lebig byk masa nie ek..hihi..

tabah sis :D

Cik PupuRara said...

jom join pura on9 tgah2 malam smpi x tido meh.
laju sikit line.
tp kene korban tido la.
hihihi! :)

p/s: cik abg phD ape kaboo?? :P

amal syahirah yaakop said...

to Cik Farah :

hmm.. brsyukur jela kn?
bru rse mse tu ckup..
btw thnks sgt..
tgh brsabar ni..

amal syahirah yaakop said...

to pura :

oke2.. weekend bole la..
xtdo tu xde hal..
tp xtw nk strt dr mna..

oppsss.. cik abg phD???
do u need to mention here??

ChentaEty said...

comella blog awk ney..i do love it...;)

amal syahirah yaakop said...

to ChenteEty :

huh really..
but sometimes we need something new..
btw,tQ very much dear..